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The Stud is at the very heart of our business and we love breeding our dressage superstars

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Maxted Massey Stud has a simple mission, to breed top class dressage horses for both the amateur, and professional dressage market. We select our broodmare bloodlines carefully from around Europe, focussing on: temperament, movement, suppleness, strength, rideability and soundness. 

Like any stud owner, our aim is to breed foals who will have long and successful dressage careers. As a consequence, we only use the very best stallions from around the world. Where many focus on the stallion alone, we also concentrate on the dam line, an element which is just as important.


We strive to provide the market with future dressage stars and champions. Our goal is to gain a reputation as a leading small dressage stud, offering the highest quality dressage horses and ponies for sale.

What we look for in mares and stallion when breeding

This can mean different things to different people, but like all top-level dressage competition horses, the best need that indefinable ‘spark’ - the presence that sets them apart from the rest.


We always look for a horse that loves its job. A horse who has the drive and ability to learn new skills as well as enjoy their work. When we breed, we try look for the following personality traits in the parents. 


  • Temperament 

  • Conformation

  • Suppleness

  • Movement


Maxted Massey Stud have been breeding dressage horses for five years and we love what we do. Alongside great stallion partners such as Elite Stallions, we have access to the very best dressage horses and ponies from around the world.


We are happy to help any dressage horse owner breed the horse of their dreams or perhaps want help weaning or looking for broodmare livery. 


Working with Newmarket Equine Hospital Vets (NEH), the largest equine hospital in Europe, gives us great access to amazing vets and services. The hospital is a purpose-built state-of-the-art facility, with RCVS accreditation as a tier three specialist equine hospital. Working with the very best vets enables us to offer the below services to all our clients. 





We have a fabulous team of vets who work with the Stud. Jess & Fiona assist with all the breeding and foals, whilst Robert helps with all our competition and livery horses. 

Working with our vets, we can monitor the oestrous cycle, inseminate your mare at the optimum time, scan for pregnancy at the correct developmental stages and liaise and arrange all the visits with the vets including the delivery of semen. As well as this, we monitor and deliver foals when mares reach their full term and continue our careful supervision through to the after care and weaning of the foal. 



With frozen semen, we will transport your mare to NEH for a very short stay at the hospital. This enables the vets to monitor the progression of oestrus more closely and inseminate at the exact point of ovulation. 


This is crucial with frozen semen due to its very short life span. We have found that constant monitoring during the 24/48 hour period of oestrus is the best way to ensure conception.


Due to its many advantages, embryo transfer is an increasingly popular technique in the sport horse breeding world. Embryo transfer allows donor mares to continue with their competitive careers, while allowing you to take the very best bloodlines and breed from them with a surrogate mare. Additionally, it allows the option of obtaining more than one foal from the donor mare each year and the prospect of continued breeding in mares which would otherwise be unable to carry a foal to term.


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